Success Stories

  • Dounya built me a diet program to reach my goals of fat loss and muscle gain. I even had classes on macro and micronutrients which helped me enormously to understand how my body uses what I eat! I got results after a few weeks (slimmer waist, increased performance at the gym ...) Many thanks for your coaching, your professionalism, and especially your support! I recommend it to everyone!  

    Saïdath O. Designer
  • A real programme, constant information for any question. All based on my lifestyle and eating habits. I learned how to eat healthily and understand what is important for my body. It wasn't a "diet", it was a real learning experience. Impatient by nature, it's not always easy to embark on these kinds of adventures, in which you have to wait for results. But this time the weekend weigh-ins were very encouraging. I was never hungry, the quantities were perfectly adapted, there were even days when I thought there were too many. I learned how to eat healthily.  

    David G. Manager
  • The programme started 3 months after the birth of my second child at a time when my landmarks were being turned upside down. As a mother of two young children, I struggled to find a rhythm and time for myself. Dounya took the time to understand my situation and my life, taking into account breastfeeding and lack of sleep. We went over the basics of nutrition, reviewed the different food groups, and looked at hydration. Thanks to the weekly check-up that allowed time to put things in place little by little, I established a stable eating routine that was right for me. Dounya was very available and attentive to my needs. As a result, while I was away for 6 months of the programme, after 3 months, I lost my pregnancy weight, regained energy, and returned to work serenely by keeping my new eating routine. Just thank you very much, Dounya.

    Djoké D. HR manager
  • When I started my program with Dounya, I didn't believe it. It is not that I did not believe in Dounya but rather in me! I had to exercise, eat healthy vegetables. Something I was don't do at all! ... But thanks to her motivation and listening skills, I managed to lose 10 kg without any "suffering" Dounya perfectly adapts the program according to needs and does not deprive you of anything! These 10 kgs were lost without any frustration! I can never thank her enough; thanks to her, I learned a lot about the body and not taking back what I lost. I feel much better in my body! I highly recommend it; it is pleasant and makes sure you understand your needs while meeting them perfectly!

    Angéla S. Import/Export
  • After working with several nutritionists, Dounya Adman was able to fully meet my requirements through her availability, and her commitment which was more than food but also mental. She was able to adapt my preparation according to my sports trips which were abroad. Dounya Adman responded when I was going through times of weakness.  

    Adil G.
  • Dounya is a real professional who knows how to adapt to each client. She takes time to explain how the body works and how she plans the meals so that the clients understand everything to make it easier to implement and follow through even after the end of the program. Her friendliness makes it more comfortable to share how you feel because as we all know, it can be difficult to commit to change.  

    Oumou S.
  • Dounya Adman is one of the people we are proud to meet! She came into my life just when I had a food allergy and my life seemed unsatisfying! She was able to adapt to my lifestyle, she made herself available, efficient, and highly competent because she healed me! Even after looking elsewhere for answers for a year, she was MY solution. Thanks to her know-how and her knowledge, I apprehend my body, my mind in correlation with my food because one does not go without the other, definitely! And know that even if you have children and little time to devote to cooking, Dounya Adman coaches and challenges you with incredible ease !!!!! To try it is to adopt it, so sincerely go for it: it is time for you to think of yourself!

    Mary J. Finance

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be more than pleased to answer you within 48 hours.